The following activities shall be observed during the SPG Election 2019

FILLING OF CANDIDACY February 11-12, 2019 Mrs. Irene L. Parba
Ms. Rachel Ann. T. Campos
Evaluation of COC’s February 13, 2019 Mrs. Cheryl D. Tagarao
Mrs. Resyln B. Villa
Announcement of the official list of candidates February 14, 2019
12:30 pm
MMES Covered Court
Mrs. Cheryl D. Tagarao
Ms. Merle R. Buenasflores


Campaign periods February 18-22, 2019 Mrs. Doris B. Dellera

Mrs. C. Ubaldo

presidential Forum February 21, 2019


MMES Covered Court

Mrs. Karen F. De Vera

Mrs. Analyn B. Aungon

Campus-Wide debate for mayor and vice mayor February 21, 2019

2 pm

MMES Covered Court

Mrs. Celsa B. Imbang

Ms. Ana Mae G. Gelacio

preparation of Comelec materials February 22, 2019 Ms. Merle R. Buenasflores

     SPG Officers

Election day February 26, 2019

8am-1st Shift

1pm-2nd Shift

AP Teachers and Grade

      Leaders from Grades 2-5

Proclamation of winners February 27, 2019

1 pm

Mr. Carlos S. Belicano

      MMES Faculty President

SPG Oathtaking ceremony March 15, 2019

1 pm

Mr. Noel F. Junio

     Principal III