by: Errol John P. Ruiz

In order to intensify the School Monitoring Evaluation and Adjustments (SMEA), the Schools Division Office conducted a validation of the best practices of every schools in the division. MMES identified two best practices, “Project BAGSIC” which stands for Beautification AndGreening the School Initiative and Cleanliness Campaign and “Project ROSE” or Read One Story Everyday. The validation team was composed of the Officer-In-Charge of the Office of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Melody Cruz, Mr. Librado F. Torres, CID Chief and Ms. Flair S. Pajarillaga, in-charge of the Division Monitoring Evaluation and Adjustments (DMEA). The panel had a face to face interview with the proponents of the project as well as the school head, Mr. Noel F. Junio.

Project BAGSIC was conceptualized last school year by Mr. Errol John P. Ruiz, MMES Master Teacher 2. It aims to promote beautification and greening of the school campus through collaboration among teachers, pupils, parents and stakeholders in planting flowers and plants around the school. It also supports the implementation and intensification of the Go Green Program and the revival of the GulayansaPaaralan Program. The project also promotesadherence to school policies regarding proper waste disposal and supports the “Marcela ay Pagandahin, MgaKalat ay Pulutin” Campaign. It also encourages active participation of stakeholders in school activities, programsand projects and address problem in absenteeism.

On the other hand, Project ROSE was originally introduced by Mr. Noel Junio, School Principal and implemented by Grade Two Teachers. The project aims to develop pupil’s comprehension level, enrich vocabularies,  and rekindle love for reading of pupils in grade two through reading one story everyday before the class starts and during free time. This routinary activity develops habit in reading at the same time practice fluency and spelling.

The validation lasted for an hour. The proponents successfully defended their projects with help of the school head. This division initiative truly helps the school to seriously implement programs and projects. It also encourages teachers to develop their conceptualizing skills in making projects that will address the gaps in the educational scene.