State of the School Address

                                                                                                          by Errol John P. Ruiz

                Marcela Marcelo Elementary School is true to its battle cry in Marking Milestones of Excellent Services as it shared the different milestones of the school for the school year 2020- 2021 to its parents, clienteles, and stakeholders. Ms. Norma B. Jamon, School Principal 1, delivered her annual State of the School Address otherwise known as SOSA last September 18, 2021. In attendance were parents, stakeholders, and other school clienteles at the school covered court. The grade six teachers led the opening program. Ms. Norma B. Jamon happily shared the different accomplishments the school has achieved throughout the year. She enthusiastically discussed the School Report Card that contains the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), programs and projects being implemented, and financial information to give a broad view of the school’s performance. SRC is intended specifically to inform parents and stakeholders about a school’s individual characteristics and academic performance. The principal underscored the importance of the active participation of the school’s internal and external stakeholders in realizing the different programs and projects of the school. Parents were also asked to continuously support every undertaking the school has.

              The engagement lasted for one hour and the attendees were given simple tokens as an appreciation for their presence despite the limitations and restrictions due to COVID 19 pandemic. The school followed the necessary heath protocols set by the government to endure the safety of the participants during the event. The school hopes for another fruitful year despite the challenges in the delivery of education at this trying moment. The school is also committed in delivering quality education in whatever platforms available for the school learners.