by Ana Mae G. Gelacio

The newly-hired teachers of DepEd Pasay City was initiated through an Orientation Seminar on Teacher Induction Program last August 23, 2019 at the Eurotel Hotel, Makati City. It has been a fruitful engagement for the new generation of teachers where they learned so many things as they start their journey in the field of education.

To inspire the newly-hired teachers, the SDO invited one of the Most Outstanding Teacher of the Division of Pasay City, Mr. Errol John P. Ruiz, Master Teacher 2 of Marcela Marcelo Elementary School to share his Journey as an Outstanding Teacher. Mr. Ruiz was the 2018 Most Outstanding Public Servant of Pasay City in Education given by the Knights of Columbus. On the same year he was also awarded  forGawadKagalingansaPagtuturo by the SDO Pasay City. He was also the delegate to the 2016 Korea-Philippines  Exchange Teachers Programme for Global Education in Seoul Korea.

He shared his decade of experience in the service to the new generation of teachers in the division. His journey as a teacher wasn’t easy. It entails discipline, hard work and dedication to the service. He also shared to the new generation of teachers his personalized 10 Commandments. According to him new generation of teachers must respect the seasoned teachers, devote time and energy for the school, be punctual and avoid absenteeism, be active and creative. He also reiterated to always show respect to the school heads. Above all he reminded the participants to aim to be promoted because it will serve as a challenge and inspiration to do better. Truly Mr. Ruiz’s journey is worth emulating and it serves as an inspiration to all newly-hired teachers to be dedicated in this chosen field. The whole day event was a great success for it prepared the newly-hired teachers on their journey in the field of education for the coming years.